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Advanced Fleet Management Solutions for GPS Vehicle and Asset Tracking
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Our Company

Logicpulse Technologies

We are your strategic partner in the analysis, development and implementation of technological solutions for the identification of people and goods, security and business management.

Logicpulse Technologies, is a Portuguese technological company, with a highly qualified and motivated staff to respond, quickly and effectively, to the needs of customers and partners. Our team works within the highest quality standards by professionals specialized in the most varied technological platforms for personnel and asset identification, security and business management.


In order to better serve its partners and customers, Logicpulse has very high quality criteria in everything it does, having its Quality Management system certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.

Innovative solutions

We believe that only through research and development of innovative solutions can we succeed in such a competitive market!

Global Presence

Logicpulse is present in several countries, always having as a differentiating factor the investment in technological innovation and the competitiveness of its products and solutions.

Partner Network

We have a wide network of partners that represents Logicpulse solutions in your area of ​​influence. JOIN OUR PARTNER NETWORK.


Worldwide Customers


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